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Live healthier, for longer. Whole-body biomarker testing, personalized medicine, and coaching to keep you functioning at your best.

Assess your metabolic health and chronic disease risk factors by measuring 50+ biomarkers. Track your results over your lifetime. Annual membership includes 45 minutes 1-on-1 with a board-certified physician to understand your results plus access to health coaching to help you set and achieve your goals. Annual membership starts at $549 (includes labs, physician consult) with optional coaching add-on.

Our philosophy

We don't just want you to live longer, we want you living healthier for longer. In his book Outlive, Dr. Peter Attia provides a comprehensive blueprint for optimizing your health for as long as possible. This is our approach to practicing medicine.

Our board-certified physicians, clinicians, and coaches are trained at the best healthcare organizations in the U.S. We take our craft seriously because your health is our North Star. We work with you 1-on-1 to understand your metobolic health and risk for chronic disease. Then we craft a game plan for keeping your healthy for longer. 

Trained by the best:


Your primary care doctor is too busy to focus on you. We're here to fix that.

A typical primary care appointment might last 5-10 minutes and cover routine labs. Unfortunately, the evidence is clear. That's just not enough. LivWell tests for 50+ biomarkers annually and our physicians will spend up to 60 minutes with you during your appointment.

  • Better health
  • More energy
  • Better nutrition
  • Lose weight
  • Hormone balancing
  • Sharp focus
  • Stronger immunity
  • Stress resilience

Don't wait to fight back against chronic disease

Customers served! 0 % of chronic diseases likely caused by lifestyle choices. we help you fight back.
Customers served! 0 % of adults are considered obese
Customers served! 0 % a small change in your weight can have outsized benefits on your health

Being your best has never been easier.


Lab tests

Measure your baseline with 50+ lab tests. Re-test every year to track your biomarkers over your life time.


Health assessment

Spend 45+ minutes reviewing your results with one of our board-certified clinicians.



Optional health coaching to help you establish goals and acheive them.


What suits you best

one-time wellness Consultation



  • 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation to discuss your health goals with our physician
  • Free follow-up to review your lab results (if labs are ordered)
  • Personal health assessment
  • First coaching consultation free

We've helped 1000s turn their life around.

I've had severe skin issues, depression, and hormone imbalances. I did extensive lab work and stared a wellness program to improve my eating. I'm 3 months in and feel amazing. Thanks Dr. Goodwin!.

Melissa A.
Client from Texas
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She is terrific! Dr. Goodwin helped me understand my lab results and create a plan to get my life back. I've lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks and feel better than ever.

Client from Florida
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I've struggled with high cholesterol my entire adult life. With Dr. Goodwin's help I'm now addressing the root cause and making changes to my diet to fix the issue. The detailed lab work was eye opening and extremely helpful for understanding my health.

Client from Missouri
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