Live healthier, for longer.

Measure 94+ biomarkers to understand how healthy your body actually is. Address your gut, autoimmune, and hormone issues at the root cause with our leading physicians and health coaches.

min w/ physician


Physician consultation: Health & Life Coaching




Bimarkers tested Annually

Our Approach

We're focused on finding the root cause of your health concern. We start by measuring your baseline health score by testing 94+ biomarkers. This gives our medical team a comprehensive view of how well your body's systems are functioning.

A board-certified physician spends 60 minutes (5x longer than your PCP) with you reviewing your lab results. Following this review, you'll start your treatment program with 1-on-1 access to our health coaches to help you unlock your full potential.

Outcomes and Benefits

We don't just want you to live longer, we want you living healthier for longer.

Improve Energy & Mood

Reboot Metabolism

Reverse Autoimmune Symptoms

Balance Hormones

Improve Skin & Hair

Reduce Bloating

Reduce Anxiety

Optimize Nutrients

Optimize Thyroid Function

Its never been easier to get and stay healthy

"There is simply no better elixir for metabolic health than exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Peter Attia, MD

Author of Outlive

"“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


World Health Organization

"The modern healthcare industry is primarily focused on treating symptoms with medication, rather than searching fo the root cause. We search for the root cause then build a treatment plan for patients that includes both lifestyle and medication where appropriate.

Mark Deemer

Founder/CEO Livwell Clinic

Area of Focus

We address your health concerns at the root cause.

Health optimization

Gut health

Skin health


Hormone balance




Food sensitivities

How do we compare Livwell is built for life


Transparent pricing

Lab tests included with membership

Personalized assessment and action plan

Health coaching included

60 Minute visits (5x longer than average)

Unlimited ongoing support from our health advocates


Primary Care














LivWell Membership

Designed to be your health advisor for life. Our program is designed to bring you 5x more value than your primary care doc at a fraction of the cost.

Includes 94+ biomarkers to get a full picture of your health

1-on-1 doctor visits up to 60 minutes

Personal health assessment and action plan

3 health coaching sessions (option to purchase more)

Personalized meal plans (as requested)

Unlimited access to our medical team for routine questions

and acute issues that arise throughout the year

Option to add on additional testing (e.g., biological age, DNA,

or other focus areas you want to drill deeper into)


Option to split into 1x $500 then 11x $45/month payments

10% discount if paid in full up front

HSA/FSA eligble

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"I've struggled with high cholesterol my entire adult life. With Dr. Goodwin's help I'm now addressing the root cause and making changes to my diet to fix the issue. The detailed lab work was eye opening and extremely helpful for understanding where to focus."

Barbara D.

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